Container Information


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Emirates Shipping Line DMCEST is committed to delivering every product to its destination in top condition. Because we know that high value cargo requires special handling, Emirates Shipping Line DMCEST has put in place expert systems and technologically advanced equipment to care for your products while they are in our possession.

Emirates Shipping Line DMCEST’s state-of-art reefer technology ensures your products for best production.

Our reefer containers are insulated, allowing temperature controlled air to circulate within the container. This means they act not only as a refrigerator but can provide heat as well as remove it. Please refer to equipment specification for more details.

Transporting Perishable & Frozen Cargo

Proper Packaging and loading pattern for both chilled & frozen cargoes.

Check-List For Refrigerated Cargo

To ensure proper transportation, there are a number of items that should be addressed prior to transit. Preferably prior to loading, but definitely before the container is returned laden to the port, the following items should be verified:

  1. Proper temperature and humidity setting
  2. Precooling of the cargoes (if necessary)
  3. Proper airflow loading patterns
  4. Adequate packaging for transit time and conditions
  5. Product quality evaluation (with transit time in mind)
  6. Modified or controlled atmosphere requirements and air exchange (open or closed)
  7. Fumigation and any other governmental regulations or requirement
  8. Proper reefer unit operation
  9. The required documentation, including legislative requirements


During Stuffing :

  1. Ensure container is set at the required temperature, ventilation & humidity control.
  2. Power-off the generator set during stuffing
  3. Never stow the cargoes above the red load line.
  4. Make sure cargo is stowed evenly to maximize stability and ideally the entire floor should be covered
  5. Cargo weight should not exceed the maximum payload of the container
  6. Total weight of container which include container, cargo, chassis and genset should not exceed the road limitations in case inland haulage is required
  7. Do follow the individual requirements of frozen & chilled cargoes


For Frozen Cargo, Always :

  1. Follow the above checklist for reefer cargoes
  2. Pre-freezing the cargo before stuffing
  3. Fresh air ventilation must be kept closed


For Chilled Cargo, Always :

  1. Follow the above Stuffing checklist for reefer cargoes
  2. Pre-cool cargoes before stuffing
  3. Set fresh air ventilation as required