Digital Portals

The future of container shipping is one driven by digitalisation, that sees the growth of trade volumes balanced with the achievement of sustainability goals.

Find out about how we implement our digital solutions to empower your business.

Application Programming Interface (API)

An Application Programming Interface (API) acts as a bridge between different software programs, allowing them to communicate and share information in real time.

At ESL, we create APIs, from customised schedule feeds to booking request interfaces, and can expand to other transactions depending on your requirements.

With global competencies, we are able to build APIs to suit your business’ needs, no matter where your operations may be.

Electronic Data Interchange

Expanding your supply chain across countries and regions requires connectivity that transcends physical borders. To enhance the transparency and flow of information between ESL and our partners, we can provide customised electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions to maximise efficiency and provide real-time information.

Be it procurement or finance, our tailored EDI functions are developed on request and are customisable where needed to suit your overall requirements. We seek to create solutions that best fit your specific needs by integrating your existing workflows and enhancing them.

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