Our Brand

Our logo mark comprises three dhow sails.

Dhows were the traditional sailing vessels of the Arabian Peninsula, and the logo mark gives a nod to our being headquartered in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in UAE. The three sails each represent an ESL pillar.

The first sail, representing trust and transparency, symbolises our commitment to being open, honest, and reliable in all our dealings.

The second sail, representing respect and fairness, signifies our dedication to creating a fair and inclusive environment by respecting diversity.

The third sail, representing innovation and collaboration, embodies our growth mindset fueled by a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Together, the three sails create a symbol of strength, unity, and forward motion, representing the essence of our brand and our aspirations for the future.

Our brand story

The regional carrier that puts people first.

At ESL, we care about the human touch. Beyond shipping, we simplify trade, foster relationships and empower communities.
With teams spread across the dynamic markets of the Middle East, Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa, we navigate the ins-and-outs of shipping around and across key trade regions for you.

We keep things moving.