Verified Gross mass (VGM)

Your business should not be constrained by the type of containers in which your commodities or products can be packed. From transporting unconventionally shaped machinery to over-sized construction equipment, we have the people, expertise, and containers for your specific needs.

To ensure safety during transit, these goods are subject to specific regulations and are handled with utmost care.

Calculating Verified Gross Mass

Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is the combined weight of the cargo including dunnage and bracing plus the tare weight of its container.

Methods of verifying gross mass

The shipper is obliged to verify the gross mass of the containers carrying their cargo by either of two permissible weighing methods before these containers can be loaded on a vessel. All weighing equipment and devices used must meet the applicable accuracy standards and requirements of the state in which the equipment is being used, per IMO Guidelines.

Method 1:

Weighing the container after the cargo has been packed. The shipper may weigh the packed container by using calibrated and certified equipment.

Method 2:

Weighing all the cargo and contents of the container and summing that weight with the container’s tare weight, indicated on the door end of the container.

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